Support DOOD S


Prepare the machine for a first print

  • Punch-up the top, open the box and the front panel. Take the machine out of the box (caution: it is heavy). Take out the accessories box and the glass which are under the bed and take out the glass out of the bubble.

    1 – cut the cable-tie that holds the extruder
    2 – install the PTFE guide

    3 – install the spool holder
    4 – install the glass on the bed

  • Bed calibration is very important for the well functioning of your printer. The distance between the nozzle of the extruder and the glass must be the same at all point of the bed (≤ 0,2mm). The menu on the screen will guide you through this operation. You will need a sheet of paper to adjust the bed.

    First, switch on the machine and touch the bed calibration symbol

    1 – Bed calibration program
    2 – Control the quality of the first layer with the help of  this page

  • This chapter is about PLA filament. For other filaments, please consult the manufacturers.
    First, on the home screen, touch the symbol with the spool

    1 – Heat up the head
    2 – Cleaning nozzle and pull out old filament
    3 – Charge filament

  • To test the machine, go to the bed calibration menu and choose the last icon test print.

    Set the temperature for your material (210-220°C for PLA°) and launch the test.

  • To convert standard 3D models (.stl or .OBJ) to Fcode, you need to install Realvision slicer. The installation files are on the SD card (or the USB stick) delivered with the machine. You will need a license number which is also on the USB stick.
    1 – Import a 3D file
    2 – Rotate the object
    3 – Scale the object
    4 – Add support to the object


Maintenance and cleaning of the extruder

  • The filament does not come out. The nozzle may be clogged. Heat up the nozzle at high temperature and try to push the filament with your hand. (video in french, translation soon)

  • Turn the knob to adjust the force exerted against the filament.


Maintenance and issues

  • Lubricate the rail with a product like Rubson’oil

    when done, move the head with your hand, slowly, in every directions

  • Check if the 4 pulleys are well screwed

  • The TPFE guide or an electric wire can catch on the motor or on other elements